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GeoDubai Community comprises of GIS specialists who are working on building a map of the Emirate of Dubai according to the standard​s provided by ​ government entities, public sector companies and private sector. We commit ourselves to serving GeoDubai community members who wish to have geospatial services and access to detailed geospatial maps for the emirate of Dubai and leverage the unified platform for the coordination of Dubai's infrastructure projects. To achieve our objectives and mission, we have established cooperation channels with several international companies, such as Environmental Research Institute (ESRI), and British Ordinance Survey (OS).

We guarantee that our stakeholders and clients of GeoDubai will get access to full-time support and assistance in their projects ensuring planning, execution procedures and process will flow smoothly without any conflicts in time and place. This initiative will be an essential tool for solving any problems related to geospatial services ,  or mapping in a highly organized and regular manner. We are committed to providing guidance and support based on geospatial data and information to all entities and individual clients in their decision-making process as well as strategic planning.

Accessing our GeoDubai, the customers will only get high-quality geospatial maps for the emirate of Dubai and services leveraging the capabilities of the innovative geospatial technology we implement in data acquisition and information analytical extraction process.​