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buildingSM​ART UAE



buildingSMART ​UAE Chapter

buildingSMART UAE chapter is hosted by the Dubai Municipality which aims to promote and support digital transformation in the building and construction sector in the UAE through the adoption and development of open standards. It also aims to participate actively in the various buildingSMART technical rooms, especially those related to buildings, regulations and automated code compliance checking, infrastructure, BIM-GIS integration, and digital twins.

The UAE chapter will focus on supporting the digital transformation of the construction sector in the country in cooperation with government agencies, private companies and specialised educational institutions. It will also promote effective participation in various working groups of BuildingSMART International, especially with regard to building permit procedures, automated verification of building regulations and digital twinning regulations. In addition, it will make key contributions to the development and application of global open source standards to enhance integration between BIM and GIS.


Furthermore, the UAE Chapter will work to boost information sharing and cooperation between entities in the fields of design, construction and management of building assets and infrastructure. It will also raise awareness about the importance of using unified global standards for modeling building information by organising workshops and conferences for industry professionals in the UAE, GCC and the wider region.

In addition, it will oversee training programmes, issue internationally accredited certificates, and contribute to the translation of BIM standards into Arabic.

To achieve its vision, the chapter cooperates with all government entities, private companies, and educational institutions in the UAE by organizing workshops, conferences and overseeing training programs for participants from the UAE and the broader region.


Vision & Mission

  • To lead the digital transformation of construction industry in UAE by supporting the widespread use of BIM and create a platform for all government authorities and construction stakeholders under one roof.

  • Improve the international competitiveness of UAE construction industry.

  • Playing a leading and active role in developing and mandating BIM/GIS open standards for the whole life cycle of building (design, construct, operation)

Chapter tasks & activities

  • Supports and promotes the use of open BIM standards and offering education on how to implement openBIM in everyday processes in AEC

  • Develop best practices and industry reference standards to support improved implementation of building information modeling techniques

  • Create educational contents (videos, guidelines, journal, newsletter, tutorials, webinars)

  • Publish success stories and pilot projects

  • Communication: Events ( e.g. UAE BIM Congress) / Website/ social media

  • Create and manage working groups and BIM community

  • Certification Service: offer training courses - for example for the certification of the "OpenBIM competence" of Individuals and educational institutions through buildingSMART​ international​​.



Dubai Municipality

Al Riga Area, Deira, P.O.Box 67

800 900 around the clock

Working Hours
Monday to Thursday: from 7:30a.m. to 3:30p.m.
Friday: from 7:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

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